turret projectiles

Another week has gone by; the game has become a dark world. Spooky!

Game Progress

I have created a prototype archer, shooting arrows. Geez, there’s lots of mathematics for projectiles to act like a real arrow.

shooting arrows fail

It was a failure, the auto aim was a disaster. What a way to start the week huh?

It was at this moment that I decided to change the game idea, not just because of this failure, but because I wanted the game to involve less humans, and more different types of chaos. Chaos such as fire, boulders, bullets, explosions, something that I think couldn’t be possible with archers. so I decided to switch to a magical (steampunk kinda) turrets! Also, I did not want the archers to move around, but that could make them look stupid, so turrets it is!

The first prototype of the new turret system

The skeletons now die and drop their stolen jar too!


I have decided that all turrets have the same base, and there are 3 bases, one for each level of the turret, as the turrets can be upgraded for better damage, etc.

This is the first level of bases, a simple one.

All 3 levels of bases

Finally I added a bullet and a flame turret, with their own projectiles and different reactions when they hit things

turret projectiles