Thirst for Souls devlog 2

Another week has gone by and the game doesn’t look the same, again.

Game Progress

Firstly, I have started to populate the world with a bunch of trees

… however, the dev community has pointed out that it looks like a mess, so I made it better in the following iterations.

I decided that the enemy spawn area should look like there’s some evil doings, so I replaced the trees there with ones looking less alive


Boats are not an integral part of this game, but they make a nice background, so I decided to add some more boats


I decided that the enemy spawn area should be its own island, connected with a bridge made out of logs, and I have added a placeholder skeleton character from the Unity Asset Store to be able to work for now.


This made it possible to start doing some code, I got a little tired of just building the world anyways, needed a little change. Now the skeletons attack the gate to break in.


I have configured some post-processing and used some particles from Epic Toon FX to give some shape to the game, now it is starting to look very different!


Afterwards, I wanted to create a magical-looking barrier to zone off the enemy evil area, and add a cloud of dark fog, I think it’s a nice effect.

Thirst for Souls devlog 2


Game Idea

Since I don’t want to spend long months on developing this game, I decided to strip out some planned features to keep it small, because I want to explore different kinds of game development as well, and I already look forward to the next project, but I need to finish this one, because a good indie dev ships games, not makes them.

What’s Next?

I think it’s time to do some characters, and to start working on the defences, mostly the soldier units that will attack the skeletons.