Working on the same game for a long time can change how you look at it. It is a common problem to start feeling bored and lose your passion. This results in many people to abandon their project, which is a pity. So, to make everything interesting again, I have decided to switch to a new workflow. I will be developing two games at once, a small (more basic) game, and a relatively larger game.

Creating your first 3D game means there’s lots to learn, from modeling to animation and much, much, more. Therefore I decided that the small game would be a 2D game, and would be targeted to be finished in a few weeks. This is all part of the learning experience and is a way to mature into a better, more skilful indie game developer.

I will not abandon the project, I want to ship games, not make games. This is just to stay healthy and productive.

Let’s see if it works or not!


The new game will be announced soon, and it will be targeted for mobile, but I think a desktop version will also be created.