Dig Ore Strike - new 2d game

Last week I explained that I will be working on a new 2D game.

Today, I come bearing news that it has been going well and I have some information to share about it!

The new game, Dig Ore Strike is targeted for mobile devices this time, and is a 2D simplistic game. You basically dig through tiles of dirt and find loot, or a monster. If you manage to survive, you’ll be able to store the loot, save it, and then get offers from NPCs to sell by the lot, or refuse to wait for a better offer. You dig during the night and do business during the day, very simple.

I decided to go with 2D to learn more about it, and because it is much easier to work with than 3D, as sprites are easier to create and manage than models.

A weekly devlog will be created for Dig Ore Strike, and is aimed to take a few weeks for release.